Remember These Pointers Before Taking Your Cat Along to Vacation

Remember These Pointers Before Taking Your Cat Along to Vacation

Taking pets with you on your holiday means that you have to make sure that they stay healthy during long travel times and your stay in your vacation spot. The checklist of the items that you’ll need to prepare will differ depending on which pet you have. In this case, we’ll be talking about cats. If you intend to bring your beloved pet along, then here are some essentials that you need to get out of the way to ensure a hassle-free trip:

Veterinary Visits

Ensuring that your pet will be healthy and stay that way before, during, and after your vacation should be one of your top priorities. Paying a visit to your veterinarian before you start packing your bags is a good way of checking their current state of health. See if they’re fit for the long travel when you get yourself a holiday package to Peru and Machu Picchu. They can even provide you with medicine to keep your cat in good shape and cure any illnesses it may contract during your stay in your destination. You might also want to see if the place has an in-house vet or a nearby office for pet emergencies.

Bring Carriers

Pet carriers are a good way of keeping your cat with you at all times to ensure that they stay away from trouble or, at least, avoid getting lost in unfamiliar territory. This can also help set your cat at ease since they consider it as familiar to them. It can help alleviate their stress during the trip. Avoid storing food and water containers inside of it though, since you may hit bumpy paths or have to make a sudden turn that can cause spillage. If you need to feed your cat, just park the car and stay until your pet is all satisfied and good to go.

Recreational Items

cat playing with a toyJust like their owners, pets get bored too, so bring along items that they can play with to help them settle down. These can range from toys, pillows, cat treats, and of course, catnip. If you don’t have any of these on hand, look up pet supply stores online and order items that you think your pet will like. If there are any other items that it is fond of, pack them in your bags and hand them to your pet once you see it becoming restless.

Toiletry Supplies

Your cat will have to answer the call of nature at some point, so it’s best that you bring along a stash of toiletries. These may vary, but generally speaking, you want to bring with you a litter box (preferably disposable), scoops, trash bags, and smaller grocery-type bags for tinier wastes. As always, you need to make sure that these are properly disposed of once they’re used to prevent any complications.

Even pets need to prepare, and as their owner, it’s your job to ensure that they’re ready for it. Check your list from time to time to ensure that you have all the boxes ticked. It would mean that you have to go through a lot more trouble that can add to your preparation stress, but the peace of mind you get during your vacation will be well worth the effort.