Returning Home: Your Road to Recovery after a Long Hospital Stay

Long Hospital StayAs you age, your health deteriorates and there’s a chance you might end up in a hospital. Change is a part of life and ageing is inevitable. After a long hospital stay, many elderly parents feel like returning to home is the best remedy. With all the excitement, however, most of them go back to the hospital after a month. You may be wondering why that happens.

Now that you are well enough to leave the hospital, you may want to know how you can stay healthy and happy at home.

Make a journal of your condition

After a lengthy hospital stay, study shows seniors may experience a decline in memory. You may not notice it, until some memories begin to blur. That makes it important to keep a journal to monitor how well you are doing. Having a journal is worth trying, as it allows you to determine if your health is getting better or worse.

Seek help

After your long hospital stay you can’t just simply go back to your usual routine. You don’t have enough strength yet to wash the dishes, do the laundry, or go grocery shopping. That makes it important to get some professional help. Industry expert  RDNS New Zealand explains that hiring a skilled nurse can assist you with everything from personal care and bathing, to housekeeping and meal preparation. Like it or not, you will need help doing things that you are unable to accomplish by yourself. Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or a car accident, nursing care can make a big difference in your life.

Know your limitations

Just because your doctor finally let you go home doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. You are recovering from an illness and your body still feels weak. Listen to your body and give it time to heal before you go back to your hobbies or physical activities. Your objective in coming home is to recover fast, not to go back to the hospital.

Keep in mind that returning home after hospitalisation requires thorough preparation. The more you are prepared, the easier it will be for you to recover.


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