Roofers Need Protection, Too!

Roofers Need Protection, Too!

Roofing businesses can be quite risky. Contractors are exposed to potential falls and other bodily injuries during the performance of their duty. So, professional roofers should get the proper coverage they need in case something goes wrong. Choosing the right insurance for roofers is essential to make sure they’re protected from all possibilities. Here are some helpful pointers on choosing the right insurance policy:

If you own a roofing business such as Riteway Construction Group, the type of insurance you need should be comprehensive and comes from a stable roofing insurance provider. There are five types of roofing insurance policies available, namely:

  • General Liability Coverage
  • Worker’s Settlement Insurance
  • Professional Automatic Coverage
  • Resources and Devices Insurance

Carpenter at work

Roofer’s bonds

The typical day-to-day insurance you need is the general liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance will provide cover for claims against injuries caused by accidents such as injury to the person, damage to a property, a business and more. For example, a worker causes injury to somebody that was merely passing by and that person sues the contractor for causing undue harm. The policy will be able to provide the adequate protection needed against any court action. It will also pay for the hospital bills of the victim.

For the Worker’s Settlement coverage, the employees are eligible to receive compensation for salary lost and medical expenses incurred. Obtaining this protection for your employees will give them more motivation to do well at work.

Roofer’s Bond, on the other hand, is between the roofer and the client. It covers several aspects of the project like installation certification, bid, transaction, and performance.

Meanwhile, the Professional Automatic and Resources and Devices Insurance covers all financial losses if ever there’s an incident at the work site. All roofing contractors should obtain the right type of insurance coverage not just for himself and his workers but also the client.

Roofing insurance is essential for any person or company engaged in this kind of profession. It provides professional indemnity and protects the interests of the client. Get several quotes from reputable providers and obtain a detailed explanation of the coverage and the premiums involved prior to signing up.