Licensed and Unlicensed Roofing Contractors: The Difference

Licensed and Unlicensed Roofing Contractors: The Difference

Roofing contractorsIn Salt Lake City, all roofing contractors need to obtain a license from the Utah Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL). They have to carry a license before they can proceed with any type of roof work, including installation of roofing systems and important components, repairs, and maintenance.

As a homeowner who needs the services of a roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, it's important you enlist only the services of one satisfying all the necessary requirements, particularly licensure. There are huge differences between licensed and unlicensed contractors, including the following:

Quality of work

For contractors to receive a DOPL-issued license, they first need to undergo rigorous assessment. This involves testing their technical knowledge and skills. All in all, the exams they take measure their ability to perform jobs as complex and difficult as roof work. Only those who meet the stringent standards of the DOPL receive a license.

By choosing licensed roofing contractors, Wesley Green Roofing says you can rest easy knowing they will deliver quality work.

Clean history – including no criminal records.

Another huge benefit of enlisting the services of licensed contractors has something to do with your personal safety. DOPL runs background checks – including criminal records – on all licensure applicants.

Homeowner safety and protection.

With licensed contractors working on your home, you can feel more at ease knowing you and your property have protection and coverage in case of damages. Also, since licensure requires roofing tradesmen to have insurance, you don't have to worry about liabilities if an unfortunate situation arises, such as an accident that results in injuries.

As you can see, license plays a huge role in many aspects of getting roofing work done. So don't underestimate the value of hiring licensed contractors; it can mean all the difference between a successfully completed job and a poorly installed, repaired, or serviced roof.