Understanding The SR-22: Should I Have One?

Understanding The SR-22: Should I Have One?

Closeup of a car key on an auto insurance policyThe SR-22, also sometimes called SR22 insurance or certificate of financial responsibility, is essentially proof of auto insurance that certifies the carrier has met the state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage. SR-22s differ significantly from the regular types of proof of insurance coverage, such as a standard insurance ID card since ID cards only prove that you’re currently insured, while SR-22s guarantee that you have met minimum auto insurance requirements for a certain amount of time.

Do You Need an SR-22?

You will need an SR-22 if you have committed severe traffic violations, specifically if:

  • Your driving record shows excessive or substantial violation points;
  • Your driver’s license is currently or has been revoked or suspended;
  • You have been involved in a serious auto accident;
  • You have been caught driving your vehicle without the necessary insurance coverage; and
  • You have been convicted of DUI, driving under the influence, or DWI, driving while intoxicated.

When looking around for an SR22, a top auto insurance provider in Chicago says that an R22 is usually called SR22 insurance, but this isn’t accurate since as mentioned above, it is merely a certification of auto insurance. But since obtaining one would involve working with an insurance company who would file the SR-22 on your behalf, the process might feel similar to buying auto insurance.

A Word on SR-22 and Getting Auto Insurance

Since an SR22 is directly linked to serious traffic offenses and auto accidents, there’s a huge possibility that your auto insurance premium would increase, or that your insurance provider won’t file your SR22 for you. In this case, you’d need to look for another insurance company to file it for you.

Also, since having an SR22 would communicate to the insurance providers that you’re a high-risk driver, you’d need to find an insurer willing to give you auto insurance. Otherwise, you might consider getting one through the automobile insurance plan of your state. Do note though that you should only apply for state auto insurance as a last resort since they come with significantly higher premiums than standard auto insurance. So try to find a reputable auto insurance provider willing to work with you even if you have an SR22.