Stay Stylish and Dignified With Clean Men’s Boots

Stay Stylish and Dignified With Clean Men’s Boots

hipster boots on a table with shoe polishing materialsFrom hipster work boots to ‘Ugg boots’, great boots can make you look stylish when you pair them with the right outfit. As beautiful as great boots can be, however, they will endure the outdoor elements, unless you never wear them outside. Your boots will encounter mud, rain, dust, and dirt, and while your boots can take a beating, all the grime can ruin your look.

To look your best in your hipster work boots or suede boots, you must learn how to clean them.

How to Clean Boots

The way you clean your boots will depend on what material your footwear is made from. Leather boots can easily be cleaned because of its toughness. You will simply need a good hard brush, detergent, a soft cloth or rag, leather polish, and shoe protection spray.

Clean Leather

Soak the laces in warm water with detergent, and then soak a cloth in separate water to clean any surface dirt on the boots. Use a brush or toothbrush to scrub your boots with the water-detergent mix. Afterwards, wipe your boots with a clean cloth and leave the pair to dry along with the laces. Finally, apply the shoe polish and shoe protection spray.

Clean Ugg

Ugg boots, on the other hand, need a different cleaning method with a washcloth, cold water, white vinegar, a suede brush, and eraser. Using the brush and eraser, clean the boots of any debris and scuff marks. Once clean, you can damp the boots with water and a cloth. Prepare a 1-part water and 1-part vinegar mixture and use it with a washcloth to remove stains. Finally, wipe the mixture from your boots with another clean washcloth.

With the methods above, you can keep your stylish boots clean. Along with keeping them clean, you also make them last longer and you can keep rocking those boots all year round.