That Dry, Cottony Sensation from Wearing Braces

That Dry, Cottony Sensation from Wearing Braces

Teeth With BracesFinally, you have your new braces. Everything your mates said of the contraption was true: it will hurt for the first few days and you will experience some odd sensation in your mouth. As you get well acquainted with your braces, you cannot help but feel a dry and cottony sensation inside your mouth.

You wonder: ‘Why is my mouth dry?’ Fortunately, there is an explanation.

What Happens and Why it Happens

Installation of your Northern Ireland braces always comes with adjustments. Because the metal structure takes up more space inside, it causes irritation on the sides of your mouth and gums. Once your braces are in place or adjusted, you might experience discomfort or pain. This results in your endless quest to drink water often.

The adjustment period comes with a number of symptoms. You might experience dry mouth indicators such as chapped or cracked lips, dry mouth, stringy saliva and a little trouble swallowing.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Dry Mouth Symptoms

Initially, you might brush the dryness off, as you think it is normal for your new braces. Unfortunately, a dry mouth is not good for the health because it can raise serious dental concerns in the future. Keep in mind to ascertain that dry mouth can occur due to braces or another hidden health concern. With the help of your dental practice, it pays to determine the underlying concerns of your dry mouth.

What You Can Do to Remedy It

Your mouth experiences pressure when adjusting to your braces. As the wires and bands place your teeth into the right position, you experience soreness, which results in dryness. Every time you subject your mouth to additional work, there are increased risks for irritation and dryness.

To soothe your dry mouth, stick to liquids and keep drinking water as often as you can. If you wish to add ice, make sure it is the crushed or soft variants only. Always keep hydrated to prevent the development of canker sores and other dry mouth symptoms.

You need not resent your braces for the adjustments. With the right medication and plenty of water, you can enjoy your metal-mouth journey and enjoy the rewards in later years.