The Ultimate Guide to Throwing Your Private American Fork Fest

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing Your Private American Fork Fest

Nashville is the hub for country music. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. Minneapolis is the center of indie rock and hip hop. Memphis is the home of rock and roll. Seattle is the root of the ’90s grunge movement.  And LA combines all these genres.

Given the varying music scenes in different parts of America, it’s easy for Utah cities to establish their own. American Fork, for instance, is home to a thriving local festival called Fork Fest. Last summer, it featured 28 Utah-grown bands along with food trucks and many family-friendly activities.

When you’re looking for an opportunity to enjoy good music with great company, you don’t have to wait until summer for the next Fork Fest. You can plan a smaller, more private festival like it.

Tap Your Favorite Local Bands

Before you crank up the rented party sound system in your venue, make sure you have the right equipment for the people playing at your private music festival. American Fork has its fair share of local bands, each one with their own sound and a unique addition to the local music scene.

Have a clear vision of the atmosphere you want to set. Then, screen the band who you want to play at the venue. A solid setlist brings you one step closer to an unforgettable musical event.

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Display the Work of Local Artists

Just like how you let musicians’ voices be heard when you invite them to play at local events, you’re giving young artists a chance to share their vision when you display their work at a local festival. It also encourages more people to give greater meaning to and connect with art.

In addition to displaying local art at your private festival, make it an even more intimate social gathering by setting up booths where people can, draw, color, and paint their ideas. Get everyone involved.

Choose the Right Food Trucks

A successful music festival is not entirely about the music. The food you serve is just as important in setting the mood. So instead of just choosing the most accessible food trucks and putting them together at one side of the venue, make sure the food goes well together and fit your overall vibe.

You’ll want to set up carts of finger food that people can easily grab and munch on. These include popcorn, pretzels, corndogs, tacos, and the like. You can even set up a grill for hotdogs and burgers.

Set Up Family-Friendly Activities

Finally, complete your mini Fork Fest experience by setting up family-friendly activities at your private event. You can set up bounce houses, foam machines, and bubble pits. These are sure to bring your guests closer and result in contagious laughter and cheerful shrieks throughout the day.

A private event could become a yearly tradition with the right elements. Whether yours is just for family and friends or for your entire neighborhood, you can’t go wrong in setting up your mini music festival by keeping these tips in mind.