Top 5 Energy Saving Ideas for Businesses This Winter

Top 5 Energy Saving Ideas for Businesses This Winter

Energy SavingWinter is harsh for office managers in Perth. Even when it is relatively mild compared to other places in Australia, Perth can still experience episodes of near-frosty weather. This is adds to the everyday problem of running an office. When the bottom line is to cut overhead expense, keeping energy costs within budget can be difficult during the cold season.

Fortunately, there are ways to save on utility expense and still make the office feel cosy and warm. Here are some ideas on keeping your costs down even when the mercury is near zero:

Set the Thermostat

Temperature affects productivity. Boost your employees’ production by keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level, at around 18 to30 degrees Celsius. Any degree colder can hike up your bill by 10%, so think carefully whenever you set the thermostat.

Repair Broken HVAC Units

The last thing you want to happen during winter is your HVAC units to break down. All Air Services recommends regular inspection to see if you need to repair any air conditioner or heater you are using. It helps if the HVAC system is installed correctly.

Let Light In

If you need more warmth to the office, open the window blinds. Natural light will not cost you anything and can make your employees productive and feel happier.

Install Insulation

It might seem an unnecessary expense at first, but ceiling and wall insulation can go a long way when it comes to your utility expense. You can save more in the long run, and prevent moisture from damaging your walls.

Keep the Airflow Circulating

As much as possible, do not block vents and install ceiling fans. You should make sure warm air is circulating and remove any object that might prevent it from circulating around the room.

Save utility expense with these pointers. Ultimately, you should ask your workforce if they feel comfortable with the temperature in the office then change the heater’s settings when necessary.


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