4 Money Saving Tips That Actually Work

Packed lunch to save moneyMost people know they should save to achieve their financial goals. As the cost of primary commodities increases, however, finding ways to save more seem like an impossible feat.

With these proven tips from devan.co.nz, you can make little savings every day and begin to make headway:

Reduce your utility bills

A significant chunk of your salary goes to utility bills each month. Take advantage of free rainwater by investing in a water storage tank. This could mean significant savings in water bills. In addition, you should invest in energy efficient electronic appliances to cut your energy costs.

Avoid impulse buying

You may not have realised it, but you probably spend hundreds of dollars every month on things you do not plan to buy. This habit is detrimental to your financial health. Luckily, there are easy ways to minimise impulsive spending. Start by creating and sticking to your grocery list. Avoid using your credit card, as research indicates that people who do so tend to spend more than the rest.

Compare prices before buying

Everyone has a favourite store, but it pays to visit a competitor every once in a while to find out if their prices are lower. Should you find that a competitor offers a better deal, bring their flyer to your favourite store to prove it and ask the cashier to match the price. This could mean significant savings on your end.

Bring lunch to work

How much do you spend on lunch every working day? You can save money by bringing lunch to work. If you spend $10 on lunch every day, it means you can save $50 every week.

There are many simple ways to save money and boost your financial health. Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a good place to start.