A Smart Entrepreneur’s Guide to Restocking the Kitchen

A Smart Entrepreneur’s Guide to Restocking the Kitchen

Men busy on working on their food businessYou have a restaurant and it’s doing okay, but you want it to do better. Who wouldn’t? You know you can offer something more, but you just don’t know how to budget time wisely. How can you solve this dilemma?

Here are some life hacks that could come in handy:

Use Time Wisely

Some recipes take time. Work on that marinade for your chicken as early as possible, and let the meat soak in it. Get started on that broth as soon as the kitchen opens, so you get all the flavors to use for your restaurant dishes. Some even start on their broth the night before. These are the things that should take up your time. Don’t let the tricky preparation of simple sauces waste hours of precious kitchen time when you can buy hollandaise sauce in big batches anyway.

Focus on One Special Dish

Instead of having a big and overwhelming menu, trim down the choices to those you can do best. If your specialty is beef, have that as the signature dish. Let your chef master that dish and prepare it perfectly every single time. It’s better than a hit-and-miss dish because your cooks are busy learning hundreds of recipes at once. If you’re not sure which dish to offer as your special, consult your chef or ask customers for their feedback. As the people who will eat the special dish all the time, they surely have some good advice to give.

Keep Your Secret Sauces Secret

If you have a signature dish, you probably have a signature recipe or sauce for it. Even if you’re franchising, that secret should not be in the hands of just everyone. Ever wondered about KFC’s carefully guarded secret? Each successful restaurant has a secret, and it’s the key to their continued success. If anyone can just copy your dish down to the last ingredient, why would they need to eat at your restaurant?

Running a food establishment means being smart about what you do. Do away with the unnecessary time-wasters and focus on perfecting your recipes and customer service.