Types of UK Visa

visaThere are many types of visa that people who wish to migrate to the UK can apply for. Under each of the main types of visa, there are usually a number of sub-categories. The whole system is quite large and tricky to navigate.

Many people find it helps to boost their confidence when navigating the visa system if they engage the services of an immigration solicitor like Saracens Solicitors in London.

Here, we will look at three of the broad categories that you could apply under.

Investor Visa

Anyone who is intending to invest at least £50,000 into starting a business in the UK may be eligible under this category. The criteria that you need to meet varies depending on whether you have £50,000 to invest or £200,000 or more. There are usually additional requirements such as being able to meet the English language requirements and scoring a certain amount within the points based system.

Family Visa

If you currently have a family member living in the UK who is ‘settled’, a British citizen or currently seeking asylum, you may be eligible to visit or join them using a family visa. They can be a parent or a partner. You can be married to the partner or in a civil partnership. You may also be eligible if you are in a marriage-like relationship of more than two years that has not been formalised by law.

There are additional eligibility criteria such as being able to prove your English language skills and certain personal, financial targets that need to be met.

Sponsored Skilled Worker Visa

If you have already been offered a skilled job in the UK, you may wish to apply for a sponsored skilled worker visa. You need the assistance of your new employer and they need to provide a certificate of sponsorship. This is not an actual certificate but a reference number that proves your job offer. Your employer needs to provide you with details, such as how much you will be paid, to move your application along.

There are some additional requirements for eligibility such as a minimum savings amount, knowledge of English and possibly a criminal record check depending on the type of work you will be doing.