Money Saving Ideas to Enjoy Your Vacation in Italy Without Breaking the Bank

Money Saving Ideas to Enjoy Your Vacation in Italy Without Breaking the Bank

Discover ItalyIn Europe, Italy continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its breathtaking landscapes, a wealth of art, rich culture, “dolce vita” lifestyle, and a wonderful selection of food and wine. While it is costly to spend a vacation here, there are still ways for you to spend your money wisely and enjoy your stay without breaking the bank. Here are some money saving ideas.


It is relatively easier to get around Italy compared to other countries in Europe because of its comprehensive train network. High-speed trains are more costly but more convenient. If you’re travelling short distances, just ride the regional trains and buses, rent a bike for a day or walk. According to UK Prepaid SIM Card, to make transportation easier, it is better to get an Italy SIM card which you can use to access the Internet if ever you get lost and need references.


One glass of quality wine may cost you 15 EUR in Italy, so going to fine dining restaurant every night isn’t a good option. Before eating, better check the menu first because once you sit down, you may be charged a “coperta” tax which is about 3 EUR. To reduce the cost of your lunch, get the set menu offered by restaurants. For cheap dinner options, you can buy slices of pizza and other quick meals for about 5 EUR.


Accommodation in Italy is costly. Even a single hostel dorm bed can already cost you 25 EUR per night. That’s why it is better to skip five-star hotels and save your money to see more of what Italy has to offer instead. If you can book an accommodation in a nearby town or suburb, which is linked to the city centre, you can get cheaper rates.

Follow these money-saving ideas so you can spend more of your budget enjoying what Italy has to offer. It is better to spend more on attractions and activities because it is not every day that you will see Italy.