Soundproofing a Room — without Breaking the Bank

Soundproofing a Room — without Breaking the Bank

PlasterboardsYou may be a music enthusiast who wants to practice, practice, and practice just to get it right. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection, but your goal may be affecting someone else’s peace of mind.

It’s every musician’s dream to spend every waking day playing music without holding back and worrying about other people complaining about the noise. The secret to making this happen is a soundproof music room. You can build one right in your home, without breaking the bank, by considering the following:

Find Affordable Materials

Although the age-old trick of attaching hard laminated cardboard or egg trays on the walls still work, there are quite a number of cheap alternative options available on the market today. You see, egg trays and cardboards are quite unsightly; not to mention they do not last very long, unless you decide to brush or spray them with paint.

Choose acoustic plasterboards instead. These materials effectively block out noises and you can find many affordable materials online or in local stores. The secret to finding cheap deals is to shop around.

DIY or Ask Help

DIY projects can save a lot on labour costs. Ask family and friends for help, or maybe even your band mates and other musicians. There are many online resources and video tutorials you can refer to when installing plasterboards. Plan and delegate tasks, so you can finish everything on time and on budget (don’t forget to order pizza to keep everyone motivated).

Beg, Borrow and Buy From Thrift Stores

Other ways of soundproofing a room include placing thick carpets on the floor, vinyl tiles, and cushions and foams on the windows. If you’re short on budget for these add-ons, go to friends and relatives with a list of materials you will need for your soundproofing project. Request these items for free or ask for a big discount. For materials they cannot provide, check the nearest thrift shops and second-hand stores for options.

With hard work and affordable materials, you can easily build a room where you can rehearse and record music without having to worry about angry neighbours. Consider this as an investment; this simple home renovation can create a big difference in creating an environment conducive for creativity.