Product Quality Elucidation: This is What Superbrands Are Made Of

Product Quality Elucidation: This is What Superbrands Are Made Of

DoctorsIf you stop for a moment and think what makes a Superbrand product so special, then you might come up with a long list of possible answers.

But, according to, product quality isn’t entirely about the ingredients used, parts or even the effort put into a product. What dictates quality is time – how long a product can last in its prime condition, and the only way to know for sure is through stress testing.

Below are facts about determining product quality you probably have never heard of before:

Quality Explained

Stress testing works by forcefully accelerating the condition of a certain product to determine its expiration date or best before use tag. It is both a standard and a prime factor in the quality determination that every manufacturer and authorities perform on a daily basis. Forced degradation is a term that describes the physical, chemical, and overall durability of a product.

Trends and Performance Factors

In the most basic level, stress testing involves the analysis of a product at the molecular level. There are certain ways to identify these minute changes such as thermal, vibrational, and direct product testing. Furthermore, depending on the location where the product will come from, there are also distinct regulatory mandates in place to ensure the performance reliability and sustainability under preset conditions.

Testing Time and Application

For uniformity purposes, there’s a set time that manufacturers follow when testing products. Stress test facilitators and technicians consider various factors: oxidation, light, fermentation, temperature, and humidity levels before they proceed with the appropriate test methods. This is to make sure the results of a particular product batch remain consistent with the succeeding ones. Some chemically sensitive products may require a little more time to set, while others may immediately go through the evaluation process.

There’s a sound reason products differ from one another despite the likeness of their functions. Ultimately, product quality is the overall measure of usability against long term use.