What Kinds of Car Adaptations Do You Need for a Hot Climate?

What Kinds of Car Adaptations Do You Need for a Hot Climate?

If you are buying a car for the first time and you live in a desert environment such as Arizona or New Mexico — or if you are moving to a place with a hot climate — you may have many questions about how best to adapt your car needs. Having the wrong specifications for your vehicle when you are driving it in a hot place can shorten its life, affect your comfort while driving it, and rack up costs as you run your car inefficiently. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when getting a car for a hot environment.

The color of your exterior and interior matters

Dark colors absorb light, and light colors reflect it. Keep this simple principle in mind when trying to pick a car color. While it is true that if left parked under the burning sun for a long time, both cars will reach high degrees of temperature. The color of the exterior will determine how long it takes for your car to get hot. Opt for white and beige when choosing for the desert environment. Having a light colored car will also make your car’s air conditioner work more efficiently and help you save fuel. The color of the interior will determine how comfortable it is to sit inside. Just as the outside, choosing white or tan seat covers will keep your car cooler for longer.

Make sure to get your windows tinted

car window tint

The best way to fight the heat when you are in your car is to get your windows tinted. Car window tinting is a must in Phoenix; otherwise, the heat of the sun will give you a sunburn while you are driving. Always make sure to wear UV-resistant glasses, and get UV tint done. You can also get a reflective foil shade for your windshield, so that your car doesn’t heat up with its parked.

Choose the right type of seat covering

If you are going to be spending hours commuting, your seat material has to be made out of a breathable and comfortable fabric. You can even get a special cooling seat cover, which uses a layer of cooling gel to make the seats even cooler during summer. Some are high-tech and use micro fans and cooling pipes to bring down the temperature. If you do not want to spend too much, you can simply cover your seats with wooden beads. These also help keep the interior cooler. The important thing to keep in mind is that certain types of seat covers are completely unsuitable for the heat. This includes leather, which gets hot and can crack, as well as rubber, which is not breathable.

Always be aware of the temperature outside before you step out of the house. Make sure to take proper precautions, such as never to leave children or pets in the car when it is hot outside. Just as every part of your life needs to adapt to the heat, so do the needs of your car.