What Window Design should you choose: Shutters or Motorized Blinds

What Window Design should you choose: Shutters or Motorized Blinds

Home design in these modern times will give you different options. As more living options emerge, design fixtures must also keep up. From the bedrooms to the kitchen, every nook and cranny can now be customized. To prove that, there are now multiple window design options to personalize your home.

The latest technology backs these window design options. The best example is the motorized blinds that are used in major states like NJ and NY. These motorized blinds are often compared to shutters, as they are considered the top modern window options.


Shutters are more often found in countries with hot, tropical climates. The primary purpose of shutters is safety and protection, and they did not have much aesthetic value. Now, shutters are often used as the backdrop of interior designs.

Shutters are useful for year-round insulation. They can keep the heat from outside the window from entering the house. In the autumn, they will also prevent heat loss. They can also give you complete control of how much air and light passes through the room.

Why Choose Shutters

The main reason for choosing shutters is that they are closer to permanent fixtures as compared to blinds. They are directly fitted to the window whereas blinds are attached inside or at the top of the window recess. For those conscious about privacy and coverage, shutters should be the first choice.

Happy woman looking out big bright window with curtains and shutters

Shutters are safe since they do no use cords or chains, so there is no threat of strangulation. They are also heavy-duty fixtures and requires less maintenance — all these benefits aside from the insulation as mentioned earlier.

There are now various designs of shutters which means they can fit with any conceivable design. Thus, shutters enhance the home’s aesthetic value.

For all the benefits and value that the shutters offer, they are much more expensive than blinds. They take up more space, and because of that, some windows could not be fitted with shutters.

Why Choose Blinds

Blinds offer more flexibility with the budget, and they come in many varieties of sizes, designs and colors, so there is always one to fit your window design.

As opposed to shutters, they are not a hard fixture of the window design, so they can easily be replaced without too much cost or hassle.

However, blinds have their disadvantages. They are not durable like the shutter and needs maintenance to last long, and this is also dependent on the material used.

Many blinds have cords and chains, and they become a real safety hazard. While these may present a disadvantage, there are innovations in blinds design that make it comparable to shutters.

Motorized Blinds as a Better Option

There are blinds companies like Hunter Douglas that now give the option to motorize their blinds. These will solve some design flaws, like the cords and chains. Motorized blinds would also entail higher cost and more complicated installation procedures, and they could serve as the middle option between blinds and shutters.

There is no right or wrong answer on the question of blinds or shutters. This depends on personal preferences, budget and the general home design. With increased innovations, the number of options continues to increase, and it is better for the consumer.