When SEO Becomes Too Complicated — Because of You

When SEO Becomes Too Complicated — Because of You

Search Engine OptimisationSEO is never too simple, but it’s never too complicated either.

A number of brands rely on their KPIs, conversions, dashboards and audits to make the marketing part easier. After all, data and tools are helpful in achieving goals. But placing too much significance on them might make everything more complex.

Because the search world has too many resources, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Rather than endure the ‘too complicated’ nature of SEO, it’s time to go back to the basics. It’s tricky at first, but simplifying the SEO process isn’t impossible.

Simple, Not Easy

Simple doesn’t always guarantee an easy process; there’s a big difference between the two terms. If SEO was too easy, everyone could do it.

Instead, says SEO expert Viperonline.com.au, simplicity is all about consistency, focus and sure results. It’s easy to get too distracted with the number of deliverables. But if you’re after a simpler SEO process, keep your eyes on the prize: delivering results.

Stripping your strategy of ‘extras’ or unnecessary tasks gives you more time to focus on other actions that help the site deliver its purpose. It all begins with plotting out your goals. Without those, you can’t make a plan.

What’s Your Purpose?

You’re not going anywhere without a plan. SEO goals define what you want for your site. Once you understand your needs, you can work towards a better strategy or your roadmap to success.

When thinking about search goals, start by determining the purpose of your site. What’s it for? The site’s purpose should directly relate to your goals. Also, after the goal setting, outline the end of your journey. Should it be user-based or revenue-based?

Adjustment at All Times

Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. In fact, nothing will go perfectly, but that’s part of the adventure. Once you review the plan and results, make the necessary adjustments. These data will help you tweak and remove actions for a better plan in the future.

SEO need not be complicated. Flexibility in the process keeps everything simple. Just define what you want, make a plan, review the results and adjust.