Bye, Kids: On Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights

Bye, Kids: On Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights

Parental Rights in UtahIn the world of parenting, couples who want to have children but can’t conceive have the option to adopt. Given how this is a right, there also exists the reversal of adoption — the voluntary relinquishment of parental rights. explains what voluntary relinquishment of parental rights is. As a document wherein the signatures of a parent must be present, the relinquishment is final and binding, but it isn’t something readily available. A judge must first accept it even before the document’s signing, and there must be an abusively unfit or harmful parent, or another adult waiting to adopt the child.

Once the judge accepts the relinquishment, it entitles the parent to legally forego future responsibilities they may owe the child or children, such as child support. Through this, the parent loses any and every right to visit or contact the child. The “new parent” of the child will have all the decisions and will be under no obligation to notify the former.

Voluntary and Involuntary Termination

Relinquishment falls under voluntary termination. As a parent, you agree, for whatever reasons, to terminate your rights. It is important to take note how this must coincide with what’s best for the child. For example, the court will not grant your request to give up parental rights over the inability to pay child support.

Forced termination, on the other hand, is involuntary. Whether or not a parent doesn’t agree, if the court sees you unfit to have a child under your custody, the State can take away your rights.

Good Riddance to Parental Responsibilities

Voluntary relinquishment is not a method of escaping child support dues, but instead, it is in the state’s best interests of protecting the child. Relinquishment, in a way, is similar to forced termination of parental rights. Through forced termination, the State has to present convincing evidence on a parent’s unfitness — clear proof of how a parent is unqualified to have children.

Having kids is a responsibility, and if you’re not prepared to handle parenthood, think about the child — they are not just something you can drop without repercussions.