You the Man! Have an Active Role in Bringing Up Your Kids

You the Man! Have an Active Role in Bringing Up Your Kids

Gentlemen, wouldn’t it be nice to eat a three-course meal after a hard day’s work? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have freshly laundered clothes at your disposal 24/7? Wouldn’t it be great to relax in a spanking clean house every weekend? Of course, it would—that is, if you do the work yourself! Indeed, you don’t expect your wives to do all the housework for you in this day and age!

It’s the 21st century. What men can do, women can do so much better. What women can do, well, men we’ll have their work cut out for them to do. But don’t feel so bad about this, guys. You can always show you’re as competent as your significant others, especially when it comes to family life. Start with being an active partner in raising your kids.

Develop your kids’ interests

For sure, you want your kids to grow up well-rounded. Help them do so by developing their interests. Observe them or ask them outright what activities they’re interested in. Then, do what you can to further develop their interests. If, for example, your daughter is into music, you can send her to a music school like the ones in your city so that she can take voice, piano, or guitar lessons. For your little guy who’s showing a lot of interest in baseball, buy a bat, a couple of gloves, and some balls and go play with your kid yourself. When he’s hooked, you can sign him up for the local youth baseball league. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also have to take them to practice, buy them the equipment they’ll need, and watch every one of their recitals or games to show your support.

man in the kitchen with his family

Spend time with your kids

You probably see your kids every day at home, but do you spend time with them? If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘sometimes,’ it’s time to bond more with your kids. For one, you’d never go wrong with some playtime. You can play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with your boy and show him how thwarting your opponents with perfectly timed banana peel throws is done. And you’re man enough to spend an afternoon having a tea party for two or combing Barbie’s hair with your little girl, aren’t you? It shouldn’t be all fun and games, though. It would be best if you did some of the work, too. You should feed, bathe, and clean up after your kids. If you’ve got a very young one, there’s also diaper duty. And be ready to help them with homework and school projects.

Be your kids’ role model

Your kids think the world of you, so be a good role model for them. Show them how to live the right way with your words and actions. For one, don’t cuss in front of your kids. But if you really can’t help it, use a swear jar to check yourself and reinforce the idea that using foul words in the house has a consequence. When you’re arguing with your wife, don’t hurl angry and hurtful words, especially when the kids are within hearing distance. You should be mindful of your actions as well. Teach your kids always to be ready to help, even if it’s just by giving your elderly neighbors a hand with their grocery bags. Lastly, treat everyone, including your kids, wife, in-laws (yes, even them!), friends, and strangers, with respect.

Have an Active Role in Bringing Up Your Kids

Gentlemen, gender roles in family life is more or less a thing of the past. Be a modern family man and start playing an active role in raising your kids. And you can do this by developing your kids’ interests, spending time with them, and being their role model.