3 Things Fresher’s Must Prepare for When Moving to London

3 Things Fresher’s Must Prepare for When Moving to London

LondonBecoming a first year university student can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are moving to big cities like London. As the home to a large number of good higher education institutions in Europe, you simply do not know what to expect. The safest thing is to prepare to make sure that there will not be problems as you try to adjust to your second home. Here are some examples:

Find the Ideal, Permanent Accommodation

Decide on the different student accommodations available in London – private and university student halls, shared houses, studio flats, or self-catered living spaces. You can leave your accommodation for another one if you are unhappy with the first, but it may be difficult to find a new one once the school year has started. So choose a place that fits the amount you are willing to spend, and do it early.

Decide Whether to Share or Not

Many freshers move to London expecting a fulfilling student life. What they may forget to prepare for is their lifestyle outside of school. If you do not have a considerable budget, you will likely share a space with at least three people. This may seem fun, but you have to know with whom you are staying. You are lucky if everybody is responsible, but roommates who do not contribute anything can be a headache. Do not compromise if you think you can live better alone.

Prepare to Make Friends, Apart from Your Roommate

As fresh graduates will point out, your roommates will probably not be your best friends. You might be clingy at first because you do not know anybody at school, but do not limit yourself and be satisfied with having only a single friend. Be prepared to meet new people to make the most of your stay. A simple conversation may help you win friends. You will never know who lives in the same area unless you get out of your shell.

Moving to London may make you nervous, but you will be fine if you are ready for this change in your life. Nothing but readiness can protect you from culture shock. But hey, this is London, so have a good time.


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