A Guide to Renting London Holiday Apartments

A Guide to Renting London Holiday Apartments

If you’re worried about hotel prices when visiting Oxford Street, a popular shopping destination in London, don’t despair. Renting a holiday apartment can be an ideal solution to your accommodation problem.

Often rented by the week, holiday apartments are a more affordable and more comfortable alternative to costly hotels. Not only does renting a flat let you pay less on accommodation per night, but it lets you save money on meals as well. With a fully furnished kitchen, you can cook in the unit yourself rather than eating out for every meal.

Oxford Street, London

To find an apartment near or on Oxford Street, consider these guidelines:

Look for Serviced Apartments

Look for serviced apartments, which are often listed on websites that offer hotel rooms, as they’re considered a variation of hotels. They offer a middle ground between private flats and hotels, as they include a fully furnished kitchen and other facilities found in flats, but kept clean and organized by a staff like in hotels.

Look into Established Companies

There are established estate companies that offer flat rentals by the week. The prices are often higher than when renting from private individuals, but you’ll receive better security. Another benefit from these websites is that they allow you to look for flats by area, price and size, making the search easier.

Renting a flat is an ideal alternative accommodation to hotels, especially if you’re worried about your expenses. An apartment can provide all the comforts you need without costing as high as a hotel.