4 Main Safety Signs for Construction Sites in Australia

4 Main Safety Signs for Construction Sites in Australia

Construction SiteSafety is a big deal in workplaces. That's why there are standards to meet from national authorities and the workplace itself.

In construction sites, one safety standards operators have to meet is the Australian Safety Sign Standard AS 1319-1994. Warning signs and all are crucial to workers' and visitors' safety, and that is what this standard addresses.

It has four main groups according to function, explains PowerPac Group.

Regulatory Signs

These are signs that ask for compliance. Failure to follow can lead to an offence or breach of orders or procedures.

Types of regulatory signs include prohibition signs, mandatory signs and restriction signs. The first refers to prohibited activities; the second to must-carry out activities, and the third to numerical limit to the use of a facility or activity. An example of prohibition sign is one with 'Authorised Entry Only' text with an image of a man encircled in red, with a diagonal line across it.

For mandatory, this sign is an example: 'This is a HARD HAT AREA Safety Helmets Must Be Worn.' A disc above this text must be in blue and the symbol inside it in white.

Hazard Signs

These signs indicate danger, especially when neglected. Warning signs and danger signs are its two types. If a condition is life-threatening, it falls under danger signs. The sign with 'Radiation Area' text is an example of warning/caution sign.

Emergency Information Signs

These point to the location of emergency-related facilities such as exit and first aid kits. Sometimes, it comes with directions like how to use safety equipment. The sign with 'Emergency Assembly Point' text is an example. 

Fire Signs

These tell where fire alarms and related facilities are.

Safety signs at work prevent accidents and legal difficulties. Proper use makes employees and visitors aware of possible dangers. Distance and conditions like lighting are factors to consider for its size.