Young Workers, Take 5 For Safety!

Young Workers, Take 5 For Safety!

Young WorkersStatistics say that young and new workers, particularly those who are just 4 weeks into their jobs, are four times likelier to suffer an injury. As staggering as this fact may seem, it is true that unless student workers, new hires, current workers assigned new jobs, contractors and visitors to the workplaces gain comprehensive safety orientation, you will put their safety at risk.

What you should tell these young workers is to take 5 for safety. What is this process, and why is it important?

The Take 5 Process

The Take 5 for safety process says that both employer and employee must take 5 minutes to ponder over the job at hand and the hazards it involves. The Take 5 safety process comprises of the following actions:

• Stop i.e. stop to think before you act on the job.
• Look i.e. identify any potential dangers involved.
• Assess i.e. take stock what damage could be caused by the hazards on the job.
• Manage i.e. manage the identified hazards by implementing control systems and by informing others.
• Safely i.e. complete the task in a safe manner.

The Take 5 process also implements several procedures specific for the employer and employee.

For the Employer

For an employer, following these Take 5 tips is good idea because:

• It would mean a safer working environment for the employees.
• It would mean lesser accidents reported which brooks well for the image of the company.
• It would mean better turnout from employees.
• It would mean employees are likely to work for you for longer periods.
• It would mean greater work efficiency and output.

For the Employee

• On the other hand, the employee must follow the Take 5 safety tips because:
• Ensure that he works in a safe manner.
• Keep away the risk of any unwanted injuries causing loss of working hours.
• Reduce the risk of the worker having to go without pay due to an injury.
• Increase his work efficiency which in turn would make the employer happier.

As a member of any organisation, take those 5 minutes to ensure safety at work. After all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.


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