Stop, Look, Assess and Two More: The Basics of the Take 5 Process

Stop, Look, Assess and Two More: The Basics of the Take 5 Process

Mine WorkersCertain jobs are dangerous; any kind of workplace is dangerous. One of the most dangerous is mining. There have been many efforts to lessen the risk to workers. These include requiring them to wear safety gear and to take safety training.

However, one of the more popular and seemingly effective ways to keep mining workers safe is something called Safety Take 5 or simply Take 5.

What is Safety Take 5?

Take 5 is very simple. It compels workers to take 5 minutes (hence the name) before starting on a task to think about their safety.

There are five things in the process: stop, look, assess, manage, and then safely do the task. Many mining companies put up signs with the safety Take 5 slogans at strategic points to remind workers about the process.

Why Take 5?

The reason behind the slogan is to make workers more aware about their surroundings. Many preventable accidents happen because workers are too much in a hurry to look. A slip and fall because of a slippery patch on the ground would not have happened if the worker had stopped and looked, B&S Printing says.

Using the Take 5 process, they would have seen the patch, assessed how dangerous it could be, and managed it by telling others about it. They would have then safely accomplished the task instead of having to go to the infirmary or the hospital. When a worker is injured, it also means lost hours if not days of work.

Is It not a Waste of Time?

Studies show that in many instances, tasks are more quickly and efficiently if the worker thinks about how to do it better before getting started. In some instances, workers had to go back for something they forgot because they were in such a hurry to do something.

Overall, taking the time to make sure that the environment is safe and everything is in order cuts down on absenteeism and increases productivity.


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