5 Things Customers Want on Your Company Website

5 Things Customers Want on Your Company Website

Creating a website for your business is an excellent way to boost it. But as you are making your online presence more popular, are you also providing what customers want to see?

So, you’ve managed to create a stunning website with the best customer experience enhancement tools to help you gauge your market. How can you be sure that you’re getting the best engagement that you can? Are you not getting any at all? Well, be sure to check if you have all of the following website must-haves:

1. A straightforward summary of the business

The key to gaining more customers through your website is to keep everything simple. A clear and concise description of what your business offers should be the first thing that your customers see. You don’t want to make your landing page so text-heavy that visitors opt to exit from. Nobody wants to read a long paragraph or block of text. Instead, you want them to be hooked with the first simple and concise text that they see.

2. Descriptions of your products and services

After you get their attention with your landing page, you can create specific pages for services or products that you offer. Here, you can be more detailed about them, but without giving everything away so that your customers will still call for more info. Be sure to write your descriptions in such a way that it stands out from your competitors. Don’t just compete with them, let people see why your business is different.

3. Contact information and business address

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Many customers use the Internet to find contact information for products or services that they are interested in. That said, it’s an obvious requirement for company websites, although there are still businesses that are vague with their contact information and addresses. Include contact information in an easy-to-find page on your site. Even if you don’t have a physical address for your business, it’s still a good idea to give a street address on your website. This information helps build your business’s credibility and gain consumers’ trust.

4. Pricing

Another reason customers go online to look for products and services is that they want to gauge pricing and compare deals. If you are a service-oriented business, you should give at least a minimum or entry-level price on your website. This will help your business get inquiries from people who can afford the service. For simpler, objective services such as dry cleaning or nail salon services, businesses usually put up their whole price list.

5. Third-party validation

Customers want to know if your business is legit and worth trying out. It’s always a good idea to put up third-party validation on your website, such as awards, recognition, client reviews, and testimonials that you have received. These things can solidify customer trust, making them more likely to become loyal customers.

Creating a website can bring in a lot of new clientele for your business. However, there are certain make-or-break factors that you should look out for, so make sure your website contains all of these five must-have features.