The Fight Against Drunk Driving is a Fight We Must All Win

The Fight Against Drunk Driving is a Fight We Must All Win

The fatalities from drunk driving in the United States have decreased in the past three decades. Nevertheless, a Denver truck accident attorney’s records would include several DUI cases. There are numerous efforts to save lives with campaigns against driving under the influence of alcohol.

Awareness drives are taking on a proactive stance.

Alcohol abuse and driving ability

A highway accident is more likely to happen when a driver on the road has alcohol in their bloodstream. The ability of a person to react quickly and accurately and make sound judgments is significantly compromised.

Because some of the skills necessary to drive safely are not present, a driver who has imbibed alcohol is a danger to everyone on the road. Aside from poor judgment and impaired coordination, vision is crucial in driving.

Anyone who had spent a night on a drinking binge would notice that their eye movement goes haywire and the word blurs. Police officers are trained to spot drunk drivers. A simple test on the side of the road could identify that a driver is not fit to sit behind the controls of a motor vehicle.

Why you should never drink and drive

Any responsible driver would not risk-taking to the road after enjoying a bottle of wine or a case of beer. When under the influence of alcohol, a driver might not be able to brake in time to avoid a pedestrian. With impaired eye-hand coordination, a driver would not be able to steer the wheel along a steep curve.

Alcohol is known to affect a person’s eye-hand coordination. Concentration is another important skill for a driver, particularly one who is controlling a massive truck rolling along the fast lane of a freeway. A driver should be able to perform multi-tasking effectively – tasks which include checking instruments on the dashboard, checking traffic signals and watching other vehicles on the road.

The fight against drunk driving

man pulled over by a police

About a third of road accidents in America are associated with drinking under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and driving has led to much loss of life in the past. Although it is illegal to drive if a person’s blood alcohol content is at 0.8 or higher, people choose to sit behind the wheel and drive off.

While statistics are improving on this front, there are still many instances of drunk drivers injuring pedestrians, other motorists, and themselves. It is not comforting to know that drunk drivers are arrested for their mistakes. The pain and loss they cause cannot be taken back; their actions cannot be undone.

Drive safely

The fight against drunk driving continues. You can win this fight if you refuse a person who has been drinking the privilege to drive. If you are in a party, designate a non-drinking companion as the driver. Every time you get into a vehicle, ensure that the driver is not impaired by alcohol.

Some people who are struggling with a drinking problem are trying to get their lives back on track. Specialized treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities are offering programs to treat alcoholism. If you or anyone you know has a drinking problem, make the right choice.

Do not put yourselves, your passengers, and other motorists’ lives at risk.