5 Ways to Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out

We have all been there. We had a list when we went to the grocery but somehow, because of the many brands and packaging we see on the shelves, we take a few minutes to decide which to pick. How do you decide what box of toothpaste to put in your cart? Is your decision based on the brand? The price? When it comes to food, is it the lowest in calories? Or, perhaps, the combination of ingredients? The truth is that not many people realize their decisions are affected by the product packaging.

They say looks can be deceiving. Appearances do mean a lot whether in personal relationships, sales, business, and marketing. Studies showed that people who take care of their looks are more likely to land a job. For products, this means that the more “attractive” the packaging is, the more likely that it will catch the eye of your target market. When thinking of how to package your products, remember to make yours a standout among the others.

Go for Clean Lines and Uncluttered Design

Admit it, your eyes will most likely land on the packaging with clean lines and uncluttered design. Keeping it simple is the key to appealing to your audience. While some kaleidoscopic designs may catch the eye of your market, surveys showed that most shoppers will still go with products that have an uncluttered look. Look for packaging designers and makers who use die cutter machines for their projects. These machines ensure the cohesiveness of the design, as well as the neatness of the overall look of the package.

Keep the Design Professional

Don’t use trendy fonts for your packaging. Do you remember comic sans? Do you still see some businesses use this font on their packaging? What do you think of those who still use comic sans for their products? Don’t you find it a bit lazy that they stayed with a trendy font regardless of how boring and laughable it has become to customers? Keep your design professional. That will make customers trust your brand more. You can create professional-looking product packaging even with a limited budget.

Use Images Effectively

Sure, keep the product packaging neat, clean, and professional. That doesn’t mean that it should not have images. Your customers will only have a few minutes to look at your packages. That means you have a few seconds to catch their attention. A wall of text cannot do that. They will not waste a few seconds of their precious time reading what you wrote on the packaging. An image, however, is an impactful way to catch their attention. Make sure to use an image that is relevant to your product.

Make It Memorable and Easy to Identify

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The fact is that too many companies are focused on the product packaging that they forget about what’s inside that box. Make sure that your product and its packaging match. Why would you want elegant packaging for a bag of chips or a roll of tissue paper, for example? You might let your customers down. How about humorous packaging for a toilet cleaner? Is that going to fit?

At the same time, make sure to make your packaging memorable. In the future, you want your customers to easily identify the packaging without needing to read the labels. According to a study, when you ask a five-year-old to pick the blue packaging with a picture of cookie and milk, they will pick up a pack of Oreos. That’s effective packaging for you.

Choose Reusable Materials

Making your product packaging reusable is one of the most effective ways to set it apart. Imagine your customers reusing your packaging. This means they are constantly exposed to the brand whenever they reuse the packaging. What are some great examples of reusable packaging? Tin cans, tote bags, and boxes are great packaging because people love to reuse these in their homes.

Not only is reusable packaging a great way to market your products, but it is also helpful to the environment. You can make this a part of your corporate social responsibility program. Customers nowadays are conscious about the impact of their activities on the environment, so this is another way to market your products to them.

Your packaging is front and center of your marketing strategy. It is the first thing that people will notice about your brand. Creating a great first impression through your packaging will help raise awareness about your brand. The more that your brand can attract the attention of your audience, the more opportunities it will create for your company.