Reasons for needing dental implants in Clapham

Reasons for needing dental implants in Clapham

If you are looking for dental implant, you may want to consider the Clapham South Dental Centre and its staff who are very experienced in carrying dental implant procedures.

When it comes to oral health, one needs to recognise the importance of being well informed about good oral health practices, especially when considering surgical procedures. The following is a quick overview of dental implants and the reasons for their use.

The main use of this type of treatment is in cases where some form of restoration is needed, this could be to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth in one area of the mouth. Using this technology gives the patient a fixed permanent replacement for the teeth lost.

These implants are extremely hard-wearing, allowing the patients to use them in almost the same way they use their teeth. When cared for correctly, these replacement teeth should last any patient a lifetime.

The whole aim here is to recreate the natural look of the teeth. This is achieved by placing a titanium screw with a crown on top in the jawline, this then helps to give the illusion of a real tooth or teeth.

One of the main benefits of these dental prostheses is that they will help to strengthen the area of the jawline where the tooth or teeth have been lost. This then avoids any further complications developing in the future. As well as adding strength, these dental prostheses also add stability to the teeth around.

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For wearers of a denture, these implants may be able to offer a more practical solution that will then go on to improve daily life. One of the main complaints from denture wearers is around stability, many wearers report experiencing some movement or slippage in the mouth when wearing their dentures.

This slippage could then lead to the denture wearer becoming self-conscious about the area of the mouth, many also may fear that their denture may move to such an extent that others may notice them.

Another commonly reported problem from denture wearers is the discomfort from remnants of food being trapped between the denture and gum. This can also lead to people feeling embarrassed when they are eating in a group, or are eating in public due to the need to address any discomfort they may be experiencing.

By using the more permanent solution provided by these implants, the movement and slippage experience with more traditional dentures can be removed, along with the problem of trapped food next to the gum.

The main aim would be to give any patient   the closest option to their real teeth as possible. This will improve the quality of their daily life and improve their frequency to smile without the need to feel self-conscious.

Here we have only covered the primary usage of these implants, for more information please consult with a dental practice to gain information suitable to your needs.