JB Harbour Dental Offsite Six Months Smiles Northern Ireland

JB Harbour Dental Offsite Six Months Smiles Northern Ireland

I am an adult I can’t have braces

Six Months Smiles in Northern Ireland are a treatment that means that many people who feel that they maybe cannot achieve the smile that they want can access the treatment that will make this a reality. Many people assume that braces are a treatment that are only associated with childhood and once this period is over people assume that they are stuck with the smile that they have. This is not the case. Many different ailments in the alignments of the teeth can be rectified with this procedure and this can be done in a swift and efficient manner.

This treatment is a highly accessible, affordable and comfortable treatment that many patients have benefited from. Many patients recommend this treatment as they are pleased with the results that the treatment has yielded. People who thought that they could not rectify their smile have been so happy with the results that they managed to get from this treatment. This article will run through how this treatment works as well as the benefits that a patient can get if they decide that this could be the treatment for them.

How does this treatment work?

Six Months Smiles works by exerting a small amount of pressure onto the teeth and gums – this will gently force the teeth into their desired position and allow patients to begin to smile with a straighter and healthier looking smile. After a consultation, it will be determined whether a patient is suitable for this treatment or not. Patients can then begin their journey to their version of the best smile. Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are used to make the brace look as realistic as possible rendering the braces almost invisible.

This allows patients to go about their daily life without worrying about what their smile looks like as they are undergoing this revolutionary treatment. This treatment works in a tight time frame and patients see results after an average of six weeks. When compared to other treatments this is an extremely quick time frame and can allow patients to transform their smile quickly.

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What are the benefits of this treatment?

Patients undergoing this treatment benefit from being able to smile with confidence and produce a smile that is straighter and more healthy looking. Some patients decide to whiten their teeth after their treatment as they can vastly improve the appearance of their new smile. Everyone should have a smile that they can be proud of and this treatment could be the one that works for a number of different patients.

This treatment can also boast a number of different benefits that can affect a patient’s overall health. Oral health can be improved as teeth become easier to clean and this reduces the risk of periodontal disease. Other issues with the teeth can also be avoided when they are moved into a better position that promotes better cleaning. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be for them then they should consider having a look at the website to learn more about their chosen dental treatment and make an informed choice about whether this is the dental treatment that could be for them.