Why Invest in Employee Nutrition and Well-being Programs

Why Invest in Employee Nutrition and Well-being Programs

For most employers, the best thing they can do for their employees is to treat and compensate them well. Many believe that competitive pay and attractive benefits should be enough to retain employees. While others try their best to keep the workplace healthy and safe, sometimes, this is no longer enough.

These days, more employers are getting creative when it comes to their offerings to employees. This is to ensure their employees are kept healthy and productive. But why go to greater lengths just to help improve the nutrition and well-being of your employees?

The Importance of Staff Wellness and Nutrition

Did you know that more often than not, ideal employees have eating disorders? This is since they tend to be highly motivated and competitive, making them every employer’s dream employees. It may benefit your business in the meantime, but in the long run, it can have undesirable results. They can end up even more stressed out, making them unproductive and inefficient in their jobs.

When this happens, employers often only see the end result, thus deciding to let go of their talents. This then prompts you to recruit and train new employees, often leading to higher unnecessary expenses. Instead of sacrificing your best staff, why not do your part and make sure they are well-taken cared off while they are under your wing?


How Employers Can Support Employee Wellness and Nutrition

Many people with eating disorders would go to great lengths just to hide their condition. But this does not necessarily mean you can no longer help them.

Encourage your managers and HR staff to keep their eyes and ears open for any staff that may be suffering from an eating disorder. Only tell them to approach the staff if their performance becomes unsteady. Tell them to never make assumptions but for them to listen without judgment and encourage them to seek professional help. They may not be willing to go to anorexia treatment centers just yet, but encouraging and giving them reassurances will give them peace of mind knowing your company is behind their back every step of the way.

To support your staff’s wellness and nutrition, you can make it official that your company is now dedicated to promoting wellness and nutrition among staff. Aside from free water and coffee, fill your pantry with healthy food items everyone can help themselves with during their break time. If you can, accommodate Vendo machines filled with healthy food items your employees can choose on. Encourage staff to avoid eating at their desks by giving them enough breaks. Motivate them to use their breaks to walk around, get some fresh air, and even enjoy a healthy lunch outside of the office if they want.

If any of your staff is recovering from an eating disorder, help facilitate their recovery by providing them with some options. If possible, offer flexible schedules. According to a study, flexible work schedules promote employee health and well-being. Allow them to use their paid leaves when visiting their doctor.

You can also try providing your employees with weight-loss programs. Give away gym memberships or better yet, build your own office gym to encourage exercise among your staff. Know that sometimes, their finances can be the very reason that stops them from maintaining a healthy weight. This may come as a surprise, but your employee’s gym membership is a taxable benefit, meaning you can deduct the costs.

Your employees are your company’s asset. Take great care of them and their health, and you can expect them to stay and work hard for the company. Don’t take their wellness and nutrition for granted. Consider providing them with wellness and nutrition programs to boost their health, productivity levels, motivation, and happiness.