5 Wedding Gown Fabrics for the Cold Season

5 Wedding Gown Fabrics for the Cold Season

Fall and winter are just around the corner. Weddings during the cold season are just as spectacular as the ones during warmer seasons, as long as your dress keeps you warm and comfortable. Even spring can be a little cold, so to be sure, you’d rather be in something that will keep your body temperature regulated.

In Provo and other cities, many shops offer affordable wedding dresses in a variety of shapes, styles, and fabrics. You’re sure to find the one you’d like best in no time.

But before shopping for your dream wedding gown, take a moment to refer to this guide and see if you’re getting the right gown for your wedding.

1. Satin

This is one of the most versatile gown fabrics, perfect not only for cool seasons but all year long as well. Satin isn’t actually a fiber, but a finish of different fabrics. It can be made of silk, polyester, rayon, or nylon. Most bridal satins are made of 100% silk, not to be confused with sateen, which is made of cotton.

Satin is durable and thick, one of the heaviest and richest fabrics, along with silk. It’s perfect for structured gowns, ball gowns, draped, and ruched styles. For a fall/winter wedding, a gown with a full skirt would be ideal, which just suits the satin fabric. For brides who opt for a lighter fabric despite a cold season wedding, they may add a satin lining to keep them warm.

2. Lace

This fabric adds style and elegance to a wedding dress. There are many varieties of lace, but for a winter/fall wedding, venise should be your choice. It’s heavier and more textured. Tulle is also a lace variety that can be used in any season, though it would be better underneath the skirt to add more body. It’s lightweight, but adding more layers does the trick to make it thicker and feel warmer.

Lace is popularly used as an overlay to dresses, to add more detail and drama. The cold season is the perfect time to wear more sophisticated gowns; adding an element of surprise to a bridal gown such as a laced and embroidered backside will do just that.

3. Silk

Silk has been a popular fabric for gowns. Note that it is only recommended for fall and/or winter because it may break easily in higher temperatures. You may consider silk molado as well, which is a silk blend that’s thicker and heavier than regular silk. It’s perfect for cold weddings because it gives so much warmth.

Along with satin, silk is also recognized as a luxurious fabric. If you wish to wear a full skirt, picture-perfect wedding gown, consider silk as your fabric of choice.

4. Pique

This fabric is so popular during the cold season. It has a honeycomb-like or waffle-like weave pattern that brides love. The fabric is good for adding volume, perfect for structured gowns as well. It’s also heavy, which adds to the warmth it already provides.

5. Gabardine

happy bride spinning around with veil

This fabric remains a classic for a reason. It consists of tightly woven fabrics, which often have single diagonal lines on the outer side. These diagonal lines cannot be seen from afar, so brides who might be conscious about that need not worry.

There are actually more than a dozen fabrics to choose from for a wedding gown, but if you’re getting married during the colder months, it’s best to narrow down your options to only the best types that will keep you warm and comfortable.