A Different Perspective: Organizing Your Life

A Different Perspective: Organizing Your Life

Life has many winding roads. It has ups and downs. It takes you on a roller coaster ride, which can be exciting at times. At the course of all these happenings, you may find your life quite shaken. Some clutter can be found, and you may feel that everything is not in their proper places. For many people, that is okay. These are the type of people that thrive in disorder, and there is nothing wrong about it if they can cope with it. But there are some people like you who find it hard to focus on what to do next when their space is cluttered and chaotic. In this regard, you need to view your life from another perspective. You need to recalibrate it. You need to organize it.

For many, organizing one’s life takes a lot of hard work. And they are not wrong. It is full of tasks, which can be frustrating, but you will soon realize that these activities actually have benefits. An organized life makes more room for the things that matter (something that you might have realized while watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo). If you want to bring good changes to your life, here are some of the things you may want to do.

Start tidying up

One of the epitomes of an organized life is having an organized room or home. The clutter you see around serves as distractions. You will find it hard to focus if there are a lot of things within your visual field. It is time to spring-clean your life. For one, you ought to get rid of things that do not spark joy (thanks, Marie Kondo). Keep the ones that you will still use and avoid bringing in things that you do not actually need. In short, you ought to live simply.

Create back-ups of what matters

You live a digital life. While things can stay permanent online, there is a great chance that the can easily be taken away (read: deleted or corrupted). Part of living an organized life is arranging and fixing your digital properties. Create folders where things are supposed to be kept. More importantly, you should create back-ups of the important digital assets—from pictures to IDs and bank documents.

List down things

It is easy to talk to people and remember what they say. However, your memory can betray you, so this means that you should not rely on it too much. With that, you have to practice the art of note-taking. Taking down notes and listing down things will help you remember what you should do. They help you keep track of your life’s progress, especially when you are dealing with work-related matters, such as meetings and conferences.

Practice mindfulness

woman doing yoga

An organized life means having an organized mind. You need to declutter your head and get rid of thoughts that do not do you well. This is why you need to practice mindfulness, which is something that you can obviously do with yoga meditation retreats.

Organizing your life is one of the most important things that you must do if you want to live more enjoyably and fruitfully. It says a lot about your priorities, and it helps you focus on the things that matter, knowing that there is no clutter blocking your view.