Helpful Reminders When Organizing a Family Camping Vacation

Helpful Reminders When Organizing a Family Camping Vacation

Technology has changed people’s lifestyles and has made almost everything a lot easier.  However, relying on too much technology makes us forget the beauty of nature. Take a break from technology once in a while. Spend quality time with your family and let the kids appreciate the great outdoors.

Louisiana boasts a lot of unique and beautiful attractions, where families can camp. You can go to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park with the kids, or choose from various state parks in the area. Or enjoy camp in your family’s vacation house near the lake.

Regardless of these renowned attractions, many kids nowadays don’t enjoy camping as people did back then. However, most kids today prefer playing video games or glue their eyes on the internet. As parents, it’s your role to help them minimize the use of technology. Start by introducing them to some outdoor activities, like camping. Just make sure to have an organized game-plan to make sure your kids enjoy the experience.

To help you get started, here are some tips when organizing a camping trip for your family:

Start with the Meal Prep!

Your meal prep is one of the best ways to make everyone have a good time in the camp. There’s no need to go for a complicated dish. Look for the simplest camping meals. For example, this Taco-In-A-Bag is easy-to-do and looks delicious. Surely, the kids will love it, and you don’t have to spend hours preparing it for them.

You can also incorporate food you find around you and make delicious dishes. If you’re camping near a lake, then you can fish with your kids. It’s not just a fantastic experience for them. You also get free seafood that you can cook later on.

Plan Out Exciting Activities

Kids often think camping is a bad idea because they can’t have fun. If your kid is not into fishing or hiking, then you should plan out activities that you think they will love.

Water activities are one of the best ways to spruce up your camping experience. You can find a Sea Doo dealer in Louisiana and get yourself a water vehicle that you can use with the family. You can now then enjoy skiing and other watersports with your kids.

If your kid is into sports, play with them. It’s a great way to bond with them over something that they enjoy.

It’s common to run out of ideas. When you’re stuck, ask your kids what they want to do. This way, you can guarantee they would enjoy the activities and have as much fun as you are.

Create a Checklist

Checklist box

The most important thing about camping is that you have everything you need. Remember that you don’t always have access to a grocery or convenience store where you can buy what you forgot.

Make sure that your kids are comfortable, or else they would start complaining and start thinking camping is a bad idea. Bring every necessity from toiletries to blankets. Don’t forget to bring torches, lanterns, or matches.

To guarantee you have everything you need, prepare your gear ahead of time. List down everything you need and start packing one week ahead of schedule.

Packing should never be done the night before. You tend to leave behind important things because of cramming.


Perhaps the best way to ensure that camping is fun for the kids is to invite more friends to come with you. It can be more fun for everyone. Plus, your kids won’t think about their phones and social media often because they have their friends with them.