Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do in the Desert

Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do in the Desert

Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do in the Desert in Salt Lake CityThe desert offers a variety of activities for families and adventure seekers alike and Utah is one of the best states where desert activities are at peak popularity. So what is there to do in the desert? Well, there are many options to choose from. Sand surfing, adventure trekking, off-road driving, and even simply taking in the rustic beauty of the desert landscape are just a few of the things you can do over here.

Here are a few destinations and activities you can do while you’re out there in the desert:

Arches National Park

The Arches National Park is home to more than 2000 natural stone formations that resemble arches. There is nothing more mesmerizing than looking at these majestic curiosities sculpted by millions of year’s worth of natural erosion.

Monument Valley

There’s nothing like riding side by sides down the 17-mile stretch of Valley Drive and watching the iconic rock formation out in the distance. There are plenty of photograph-friendly spots that you can enjoy. One thing is for sure, you won’t be leaving Monument Valley without souvenirs or memories.

The Great Salt Lake

Less than an hour’s drive north-west of Salt Lake City is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the state: The Great Salt Lake. It was used to be known as Lake Bonneville, but massive drying has turned it into one of the largest inland saltwater lakes in the nation. Much like the Dead Sea in the Middle East, the Great Salt Lake contains water with 27% salt content. Because of this, you and your family can enjoy floating on its waters without sinking.

Mormon Temple

If you’re tired of all the rough desert landscape Utah has to offer, Salt Lake City offers one incredible architectural site as well: The Mormon Temple. Built several hundred years ago, this is the main hub of the Mormon religion and offers a fantastic view of the temple. Unfortunately, only Mormons can enter but that shouldn’t stop you from looking in awe from the outside.

There are plenty of activities that you can do out in the desert. With a little bit of research and maybe a few drops of adventure in your blood, you’ll be able to enjoy the rustic scene and majestic canyons that are found everywhere in the State.