Family Living: Is Your Home Flooring Child Friendly?

Keep Your Home Flooring in Auckland Child FriendlyHave you got little ones at home? Is your family moving into a new house? Are you simply just renovating the family home? Whatever it is, you need to keep your flooring child-friendly. Why, you may ask? Well, because a lot of slip and fall accidents happen when your flooring is not compatible with the inhabitants of your home.

Before approaching flooring specialists like Handy Sanders, know which types of flooring are child-friendly and suitable for your home.


If you’re an environmentalist, maybe you would want bamboo flooring at home. It is more scratch resistant than hardwood, so your children’s toys cannot damage it too bad. What’s more, childproofing your home with bamboo costs less than doing it with hardwood.


Of course, when it comes to child-friendly options, you cannot forget about carpets. Children spend a lot of time playing on the floor and running around, and this soft material prevents unintentional injuries from slips and falls. Vacuum the flooring frequently, though, to preserve indoor air quality and the carpet’s longevity.


If you’re looking for soft and warm flooring, consider cork flooring. They are sustainable and comfortable, making them an ideal flooring choice for play areas. This is not bathroom flooring material, though, because cork is prone to water damage.


Linoleum flooring, which is made of natural materials like tree rosin and linseed oil, is a child-friendly choice as well. The material is naturally antimicrobial, so if your children have asthma or allergies, linoleum is ace.


If you are looking for something virtually indestructible, consider vinyl. This flooring material is also easy to clean, so tidying up the children’s mess doesn’t easily knock you out.

There you have it. Five different types of flooring you might consider for a child-friendly home. Which one would you want to have?