Explore the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef of AustraliaThe Great Barrier Reef of Australia is perhaps the largest and the most famous coral reef in the entire world. Stretching 3000 km long and 65 km wide, the reef is a remarkable sight and one of the world’s most sought after diving spots.

Unsurprisingly, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is quite expensive. Expect to pay anywhere between $300 to $800 per person for a three-day trip, sometimes more depending on what activities you try.

Finance Your Trip

A visit to the famous reef is a dream come true for many divers, environmentalists and adventure seekers. Since it is expensive, it can be difficult to pay for your trip. Luckily, financing your trip is just a matter of taking out a personal loan. Rapid Loans says you may pay it off over a shorter period than other types of loans, so it is perfect for financing a holiday to the marine park.

Boat Excursions and Dives

As the greatest underwater treasure of the world, the best way to enjoy the reef is to go on a boat excursion and to dive. On average, a day trip will cost you $200, which often already includes travel, lunch and snorkel gear. Those who want to dive will have to pay an additional fee for the diving equipment.

One day or so is actually not enough if you want to explore the entirety of the reef. The majority of people stay for three days to get a small taste of what the beautiful marine park has to offer.

There are 400 different types of corals populating the reef, along with thousands of fish, eel, rays and other denizens of the Australian waters. Some of the corals are exposed during low tide, making it ideal for activities like reef walking, where visitors can walk on the sandy islands between colourful corals.

A trip to this reef is truly a wonder and an experience worth having despite the steep cost.