Dispelling the Myths About Substance Abuse

Dispelling the Myths About Substance Abuse

Addiction has become a problem for many people. People can act out while they are under substances because it is one of the darkest times in their lives. However, that does not mean that they are irredeemable. Here are common myths about addiction and the truth about it.

Myth 1: It Is a Choice

One of the most common misconceptions about addiction most people think it’s a personal choice. Therefore, people can choose to become sober. However, there are some factors resulting in addiction. This could also be environmental or even genetics. At some point, people suffering from substance abuse feel no one understands the situation they’re facing. As a result, they isolate themselves and resort back to bad habits like alcohol and drugs. The lack of support and understanding are some of the major factors people are suffering from addiction.

Myth 2: You Should Punish People Using Drugs

It doesn’t matter who you are – addiction can get the best of most people, especially when they are in the most vulnerable point of their lives. Many people assume that people suffering from addiction are immoral or weak-willed. While some addicts can do some bad things, that does not mean that everyone does, especially since good people can make bad choices, too. Remember that addiction is an illness – you should treat a person to get better and not punish them.

Myth 3: People Normally Only Get Addicted to One Thing

People assume most addicts only have a single preference. Today, there are now several cases where addicts use different types of drugs or alcohol all at the same time to increase the peak of substance effects. Some people use certain substances to counteract the adverse effects of another substance. There are even cases where people use substances to support another addiction. For instance, a gambling addict may use cocaine to “keep them awake and alert” while they gamble.

Myth 4: Treatment Should Put Them In Their Place

Shaming people is never a good idea, especially because that can push them to the edge. When a person is continuously shamed, they will have no desire to get better because they think they have no worth. In fact, shame is a huge reason why many people relapse – they believe that it is the only way that they can “escape,” especially since they feel like there is no point. People with addictions need support from the people around them, which is why many people choose to find sober living housing in Scottsdale, AZ.

Myth 5: People Who Are Addicted to Illegal Drugs Are Different From People Who Are Addicted to Prescription Drugs

A lot of people are under the assumption that people that are addicted to legal substances are not as bad because they are legal drugs. However, they are still drugs, which does not mean that they are always safe, especially in high doses. A lot of teenagers often abuse prescription drugs because they think it is a lot safer compared to illegal ones. They can have the same effects on the brain as illegal drugs. Remember, people can be addicted to anything, so whether the drug is illegal or not does not make a difference.

To resolve or minimize addiction, we should also bust the stigmas around it to help enlighten people on how they could deal with it.