Americans May Move 11 Times before Officially Settling Down

Americans May Move 11 Times before Officially Settling Down

couple lying down in middle of boxesPeople love to chase: partners, jobs, and dreams. They also want to find the best home. This one, though, may mean moving to another destination more often than they thought.

So how often?

There’s no official statistic, but according to FiveThirtyEight, it may take as many as 11.7 times. This, however, is not set in stone. Based on its data, the number can vary depending on the age.

For example, children are more likely to move around more, which is understandable. While they’re young, parents bring them to new homes. When they get older, they have the option to relocate as well. By the time they reach the ages of 20 to 30 years old, they would have called on moving companies such as at least 11 times. The older the person gets, the less likely they would consider a different address.

Why people move

There are many reasons for this. The same blog stated that those who earn more tend to stay put than those who don’t. It may represent the baby boomers or senior adults who have a more stable position in the company or even running a business.

The millennials, on the other hand, may move more often than the older ones. In fact, 30% would move to a new county compared to only 4% of the seniors.

The Y generation also has a different reason for moving than the older group. While seniors are more likely to relocate for retirement or an assisted living facility, the young ones are for jobs and lifestyle.

Colorado Springs currently has the fastest growth rate regarding millennial migration. Besides a more laid-back lifestyle, it also offers jobs in tech, particularly in cybersecurity. So does Houston, Texas. The lively arts scene, nature, and cost of living may invite them to move to Sarasota, Florida.

One may ask, “Why do people move a lot when relocating is daunting?” It’s all about finding a place you can call your own. If it takes that long to do it, then so be it.