Auto Accident Aftermath: 3 Errors That Can Cost You

Auto Accident Aftermath: 3 Errors That Can Cost You

Explanation of benefits for insurance coverageNothing hurts like looking back and wishing that could you have done things differently, the outcome could have been better. This is truer when it comes to mistakes you make that leave detrimental effects on your auto accident case.

Below, see some of these mistakes and how to avoid them, as explained by Haffner Law, car accident legal expert and Los Angeles-based lawyer.

1. Talking to the insurance adjuster without an attorney

This seems harmless to many people. However, talking to insurance adjusters without first talking to your lawyer can cost you later on. Remember, these are not your friends; instead, they are trained professionals who are after reducing your claim to the lowest amount possible.

Your attorney is well-versed in the tricks they use, such as getting a statement from them in which you provide incomplete information or even end up downsizing your injuries.

2. Failure to get a lawyer

In an attempt to save some bucks, some people opt to go through it alone. However, you ought to know that you stand to lose more than the money you could have used to hire an experienced attorney. This is because the laws involved in an auto accident case or a personal injury case are complicated.

You also stand to lose a lot of valuable time trying to research your situation and could miss your deadline. And, don’t expect the court to be lenient just because you are not a trained lawyer. Instead, you will receive the same treatment.

3. Not seeking medical care

No matter how fit you feel after the accident, always seek medical care says Huff Post. This will not only help diagnose any underlying injury, but it will go a long way in proving your case. It’s imperative that you cooperate and be honest with your doctor.

Don’t try to be a hero by downplaying your injuries as this could cut down your claims. When all your medical records are well-documented, your case is a step closer to getting a favorable verdict.

The burden to prove an auto accident case doesn’t solely lie on your attorney. As the victim, you have a significant role to play. Avoiding the above mistakes is a sure way of ensuring that you get the right amount of compensation for your injuries.