Bargaining for a Rental Moving Truck

Bargaining for a Rental Moving Truck

Anyone with little to spend on an upcoming move can rule out the possibility of renting a tipper truck. But renting a cheap rental truck makes sense for someone operating on a tight budget. Moving can be expensive, especially if you factor in the costs of lodging, food, tolls, and fuel throughout the trip.

Renting a truck will probably take the lion’s share of your total travel cost. But negotiating a better price for a tipper truck for hire makes sense for someone on a shoestring budget. Here are ways to bargain for a moving truck ahead of a long-distance relocation.

Get a Smaller Truck

Of course, renting a large truck makes your belongings more secure. But an extra-large lorry can sometimes endanger your households. With all that space, fragile items are likely to roll down and break. Large trucks are also more costly than smaller ones, and that is why truck rental companies recommend small lorries. Never let a salesperson trick you into hiring a lorry that is bigger than you need. Instead, take measurements of your households and determine the size that fits you. While renting a truck can save you money, note that moving alone can be a little challenging. You might need to enlist the help of a friend or family member to make a move enjoyable and less taxing.

Compare between Round vs. One Way Trip

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Moving with a small company can be advantageous, but opting for a giant truck can sometimes be easier. You can reserve a rental lorry online, but large companies are often reluctant to negotiate with clients on an individual basis. But there is no harm trying to bargain with an established mover. You can still save by opting for a round trip instead of a one-way truck rental. Of course, one-way truck rentals are more convenient, but they can cost you more than a round trip rental. Visit your prospective mover’s website and calculate the difference between a round trip and one-way rental. But be sure to factor in additional miles and fuel cost to the cost of the return trip. The difference may be significant for someone travelling for a few hours.


Traditional leases and work obligations that end monthly make movers predictable. Rental trucks are likely to cost more on the last day of the month. Just like travel agencies that charge more for tickets during weekends and holidays, movers charge more at the end of the month and weekends. But you might get a discount for a move if you have a flexible moving date.

It takes just planning, time, and a little effort to negotiate for a cheap rental truck. But saving on hiring a moving truck can be challenging for many people. Bargaining is the basis for saving on a rental lorry. You can get a quote from a mover and present it to another to see if they can give you a discount.

The trick of making moving companies compete for your business can work in many ways. You can, for example, get quotes from three to five hotels and have them compete to host you. That will not only help you find the best deal but save you money as well.