How Much Should You Spend on Cleaning Grout and Tile in Provo?

How Much Should You Spend on Cleaning Grout and Tile in Provo?

Bathroom grout and tile cleaning in Provo may cost from $133 to $714, but most homeowners in the city spend almost $380 on professional service. The actual cost will depend on the size of your bathroom. Some contractors may quote rates per hour or per square foot.

Professional service becomes more necessary for bathroom surfaces with visible dirt and grime, which doesn’t come off even after frequently using a regular household cleaning solution. It’s tempting to clean grout and tile by yourself, as you won’t have to spend a lot on materials.

However, most professionals use special equipment to do the work faster and more efficiently.

Time-Consuming Process

Regrouting the shower area costs up to $25 per square foot or even more for larger bathrooms, due to the tediousness of removing the existing layer before applying new grout. In fact, installing new grout may take just less than an hour after spending several hours for removing old grout.

Smaller tiles in the shower will likely cost more to re-grout simply because there are more tiles in your bathroom. If you want to avoid spending often on grout and tile cleaning in Provo, you should consider replacing the tiles with bigger and low-maintenance ones.

Otherwise, you should invest in a high-quality sealant after re-grouting the bathroom surfaces. Do this at least once every year to prevent mold from becoming too difficult to scrub off.

Types of Grout

The type of grout for the bathroom will also determine its lifespan. Non-sanded, sanded, epoxy and cement grout comprise some of the common kinds. Epoxy grout is your best option for the shower area because of its durability and resistance against moisture.

But you should be willing to pay a higher price for it. Unlike the other types, most acidic cleaners won’t strip away epoxy. Non-sanded grout isn’t commonly found in the bathroom since it’s used for small tile joints, as opposed to the sanded variant that lasts longer and works well with larger tiles.

If you prefer a quick and easy installation, cement grout is the best option among the different kinds.

Routine Care and Maintenance

tile maintenance

How often do you clean the bathroom? If possible, cleaning the bathroom for a few minutes every day before you take a bath or shower saves time from cleaning it once a week. A daily routine also helps to lighten a weekly deep cleaning.

Be careful with using kitchen ingredients like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. You should never mix these two and use the solution to clean the surface due to resulting toxicity.

While you should expect prices to be similar among cleaning companies in Utah County, ask for quotes from at least three different tile cleaners in your area to determine the most reasonable price. Be aware that your expenses will increase by around $46 to $57 if you hire a general contractor to clean bathroom grout and tile.

If you want to make the most out of hiring a contractor, look for a company that can provide discounted rates for bundled projects.