How Much Should You Spend on Window Cleaning Service in Ogden?

How Much Should You Spend on Window Cleaning Service in Ogden?

Homeowners should expect to spend between $100 and $409 on residential window cleaning in Ogden, although most people usually pay $255 for professional service.

The actual price will depend on several factors such as the number of windows, the size of your home and your location. If you hire a general contractor, be ready to pay an extra $30 to $38 for additional fees. You can clean windows on the first floor of the house by yourself, but it’s not advisable to do the same for higher windows especially for apartment or condominium residents.

How Often Should You Clean Windows?

You should consider window cleaning services based on the type of window. Some fixtures require cleaning at least twice every year, while others can be as frequent as every month. If you have it done as a quarterly service, try to negotiate a bargain deal with the contractor for recurring work.

Consider Window Tinting

While regular window cleaning is beneficial, homeowners can maximize their windows even more when they put tints on them. The usual price for professional window tinting ranges from $5 per square foot and $8 per square foot. You could spend as low as $255 on this service to protect your home from glare, UV rays and improve energy efficiency.

Most homeowners, however, install window tints primarily to block out sunlight. Privacy and security comprise other reasons. In terms of sustainability, the kind of tint you use will determine whether or not you need to turn on the air conditioner during certain times of the year. In fact, the International Window Film Association said that window films are more practical than considering other types of insulation or HVAC systems.

The Type of Windows Matter

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If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency further, a replacement for windows will be more suitable than just applying tints or films. Fiberglass and vinyl windows consist of a few options with good insulating qualities, although the former is better as it won’t contract or expand during cold and hot weather.

Fiberglass is better because of its higher R-value by around 15% more than vinyl. Your home may have a higher resale price after installing fiberglass windows. However, you should be willing to spend around $600 for just one installation. Six windows may cost almost $4,400, so vinyl is the obvious choice when your budget is the primary deciding factor.

The average price for installing six vinyl windows may cost around $3,160. You’ll even save more money from labor fees because vinyl is more DIY-friendly than fiberglass. However, vinyl requires more care and maintenance since it’s not as durable as fiberglass. A study showed that vinyl windows have a lifespan that’s 38% shorter than fiberglass windows.


Most contractors in Weber County may charge the same rates for window cleaning, but you should still ask for quotes from at least three different professionals for better price comparison. Find a contractor that specializes in deep and light cleaning services, preferably one that’s near your home.