Battery Disposal: Doing It the Right Way

Battery Disposal: Doing It the Right Way

battery disposalHave you ever wondered, with all the technology today, if people can truly dispose of electronics properly? Where does all that electronic waste go?

Today’s modern world has given us so many technological solutions. There are also solutions for problems brought about by the use of technology. Metal recyclers like in Perth make it their business to properly dispose of your electronic waste, including old batteries.

What batteries are made of

Batteries are not that simple to dispose of because of the materials they contain. Generally, a battery has any number of potentially toxic substances, which it needs in order to operate. Nickel, cadmium, mercury and lead are just some of the ingredients that batteries may contain.

If you’re fine with poisoning the ground around you, you can just dump your old batteries anywhere you like. Otherwise, you need to contact experienced disposal services to properly handle them.

Proper battery waste management

It is fairly simple to dispose of a battery if you know where to look. There may be recycling services in your town which you can find by searching online. Once you’ve tracked them down, you can go ahead and get help with disposing the batteries.

Each battery should be placed in a separate re-sealable plastic bag. You should also consider using protection for your hands. Remember, there are toxic metals within these batteries. This is especially true if you’re dealing with corroded batteries or those which are already leaking.

Disposing your batteries

Once you’ve properly packed them, you can bring them to the waste drop-off centre nearest you. If you have lots of batteries to throw away, you may also ask if they could pick up the items from your home instead.

Throwing away batteries and other electronic waste like computers needs special care. These have components that can harm the environment and ultimately harm you as well. Contacting reliable disposal services will help you get rid of these things in a safe way.


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