5 Important Elements of an Effective Landing Page

5 Important Elements of an Effective Landing Page

landing pageA landing page does more than just educate your potential customers of what your business can offer. For the most part, it can convert your prospects to clients. With the right implementation, it can help you close a deal and earn more money without exerting a lot of effort.

SEOResellerProgram shared the elements of a winning landing page:

Appealing Design

A professional looking landing page with design elements that work together inspire trust and establish credibility. Avoid using readily available templates, as it can make you site look sloppy. Keep in mind that clients may be familiar with such templates, so you need to distinguish yourself from the rest of the industry.

Great Headline

An attention-grabbing headline is what makes visitors stay on the page longer. If yours is not interesting, you run the risk of losing a possible conversion. Create a great headline that gives visitors a quick overview of what you offer. It is best to experiment with or test different headlines to know what your audience likes the most.

Effective Call to Action

Your page’s call to action (CTA) should command attention and encourage visitors to make a purchase, download an app, complete a form, or place a phone call. Invest time and effort in creating strong CTAs that can help attain your conversion goals.

Single Offer or Purpose

Don’t confuse visitors by having multiple offers on the landing page. Having one clear service or offering makes the whole process a lot smoother and simpler. This helps you avoid a major interruption in the conversion process. To create a page that has more than one offer, however, make sure to split test it first to see if it works.

Trust and Credibility

Apart from having a professional design, your landing page can also build trust and credibility by giving away helpful content like video tutorials and webinars. Make yourself an authority in your industry with relevant and informative posts. Testimonials from satisfied customers also display credibility and establish a high level of trust.

Every visit on your page is a possible conversion. Make sure to include these elements to create a winning page that can boost sales. It is also best to do everything you can to avoid distractions, so visitors can only focus on your offer and CTA.


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