Here’s Your Guide to a 48-Hour Visit to Bangkok

Here’s Your Guide to a 48-Hour Visit to Bangkok

ThailandA lot of people want to travel. In fact, US industry experts expect 31 million passengers to fly internationally this summer. The number is even higher if you consider tourists from Canada to other destinations such as Bangkok.
Bangkok is one destination many travelers want to see, and if you are a wise traveler, you want to make the most of your time there. Spending 48 hours in Bangkok can already give you enough time to explore several tourist destinations. The key is to schedule your trip wisely.

First Attraction

After a tiring travel to Bangkok, find a place where you can eat or relax.

Go to the Bangkok National Museum and see a lot of interesting artefacts. As the only museum Thailand owned until the 1970’s, the artefacts here should be very promising.

For your first taste of food in Bangkok, sample some street foods in Chinatown. Visit other streets offering Bangkok’s delicacies, such as Phahurat Street, Khao San Road, and Siam Square.

Second Attraction

Head to Vertigo at the Banyan Tree for some fine dining while looking at the city from 61 floors above ground. The bar and restauMonth rant has one of the finest liquors the city has to offer.

End your first day with a visit to the Chao Phraya River at night. View the beautiful city of Bangkok while riding a boat. This attraction will definitely give you a great picture of the city by day or night.

Third Attraction

After your first night in Bangkok, visit the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) early in the morning. Climbing and entering the towers can take a few hours, but it is worth the time as you can see some of Bangkok’s attractions from the top of the tower.

Travel site says your 48-hour stay in Bangkok should not end without visiting The Grand Palace. This palace housed several royal families and is one of Bangkok’s historical attractions.

Make the most of your trip and spend time wisely. Look at travel guides for recommended destinations to enjoy your weekend visit.


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