Careful consideration is a must when choosing an aesthetics practitioner

Careful consideration is a must when choosing an aesthetics practitioner

If you’ve noticed yourself recently critiquing your looks every time you pass a mirror or look at your photograph, looking for faults or flaws, then you are not alone.

In a world obsessed with youth and beauty, it is not surprising that more and more have become obsessed with their physical appearance. It is this image-crazed world that bombards us with images of the young and beautiful – the subliminal message is clear: physically attractive people attain visibility in society. To have the same impact, one needs to conform to the beauty standards of the day.

The desire to look attractive no longer applies to just those on the wrong side of the age spectrum, but increasingly, the young, too, who see aesthetic treatments as commonplace.

So prevalent is the option for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the youth that a recent Save Face survey showed that 59% of 51,000 respondents (most aged between 13 and 24) were of the opinion that facial injectables are on par with getting a haircut.

With this much demand in the market, it is no surprise that there are a dime a dozen aesthetic practitioners out there, many of whom are untrained, unskilled and unlicensed to carry out these procedures. It must not be forgotten that at the end of the day, procedures like lip fillers Kent are invasive medical interventions, and practitioners must have the necessary knowledge and skills to offer patients safe procedures with quality results.

Risks of unqualified professionals offering facial injectable procedures

Hardly a day goes by without a report of a victim of botched aesthetic procedures. Mismanaged procedures and undesirable reactions are not unfamiliar, especially if the practitioner is not appropriately trained in the administration of injections to the face. According to researchers, the range of patient complaints and unpleasant side-effects vary and includes paralysis of the injected area, frozen features, pain, bleeding, swelling, lumpiness, blurred vision, hair loss, numbness and allergic reactions. These unfortunate repercussions are often accompanied by anxiety and depression. After all, the whole point of these procedures is to look better, not worse afterward. Through careful consideration of who will be overseeing the procedure, patients can minimise untoward outcomes from poorly administered treatment.

Dentists make a great partner for facial aesthetics

woman doing a dental procedure

Having a facial aesthetic procedure performed at a dental clinic is a favourable one for many reasons. The first is that the industry is well-regulated, so you can be sure that your dental practitioner will follow all the guidelines for safety and efficacy.

The next must-have is that of knowledge and experience. Unlike beauticians and other unqualified practitioners, dentists have the relevant knowledge of facial anatomy and are specifically trained in the appropriate use of fine needles to administer injectables. A practitioner must know not only where to administer the product but also the manner of administering it so as to achieve quality results with as little discomfort as possible.

Choosing an aesthetics practitioner who does not possess the must-have credentials is risky, as many have fallen prey to dodgy practitioners. These practitioners often lure unsuspecting patients with ultra-low prices and attractive discounts. What is being saved in cost invariably ends up being paid for corrective procedures.