Common Types of Websites Used in the Age of the Internet

Common Types of Websites Used in the Age of the Internet

To host your website, you need to have a server. You can set it up yourself, but nowadays, most companies avail of cloud providers. If you decide to avail of such services, they’ll handle your website’s server maintenance. Keeping up with the updates and monitoring the server’s performance won’t be an issue. Providers use reliable web servers, such as MS SQL, for your website as well. However, you first need to decide what site you will create. Here are a few types of websites you can see on the Internet.


E-Commerce websites serve as online storefront for goods and services. Buyers can store items they intend to buy in a cart and check out their purchases afterward. More intricate websites can accept a wide variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, but the most common one is through Cash on Delivery.

This kind of website is well received today, as people prefer being able to peruse and order items from the comfort of their homes. It has the added benefit of being able to see the available pieces and stocks left. It saves a buyer’s time and money, compared to travelling to a store’s physical branch.

Blogs/Personal Websites

Blogs serve as a place for a person’s own photos, videos, and writings. It’s an avenue to put themselves and their thoughts out into the world. It can also be a way to document and archive important life events.

Some blogs have evolved to become sources of money. It can be entertaining for others to read or be a source of information. It can be an online portfolio for creators. A few companies also create blogs to have a sense of personalization that is separate from their company website.


Business Directory

These kinds of websites serve as a repository for information and resources. It is mainly for organizations that want to host a database for ease of access. It can help users look for the information they need and get it immediately. It is especially useful for a specific location, topic, or industry. An example can be an organizational database containing the members’ personal information. Another can be a database of a local association of doctors, which provides their contact information and expertise.


This type can be seen as a lesser variant of the e-commerce website. Instead of offering the items for purchase, they are only up for display. This website is more for advertisement purposes and attracts customers to look at the company’s products or services. It acts as an online business card and helps establish a business’s online presence. It is best used by holiday destinations, manufacturers, and companies that offer services personally.

Online Community

A common form this takes is social media sites. However, at its core, it is the type of website that facilitates discussion for people with the same interests. It can also become a source of information for some people.

It can also be a wiki, also known as fan communities. This kind of website focuses on a specific point of discussion, such as a particular movie, tv series, or game. People here can discuss what happens to the plot or look up information regarding the specified media.

There are many more kinds of websites, some of which serve a more specific purpose. What matters is choosing the type that is best for your intended use. In designing your website, you should also keep in mind the audience that you want to attract. Paying attention to these factors will ensure that your website will have a broad reach and eventually gain a sizeable following.