How to Start Your Career as a Construction Manager in the UK

How to Start Your Career as a Construction Manager in the UK

If you’re looking for a career in construction management, there are a few things you need to know. Construction managers ensure that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required standards. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have strong project management skills and an understanding of the construction process. They get paid around $77,000 annually, with some earning a lot more.

In the UK, construction managers typically start working for large construction firms. However, there are also opportunities to work for smaller companies or set up a business. Whatever route you decide to take, there are a few key things you’ll need to do to get started. In this blog post, you can look at what you need to do to start your UK construction manager career.

Get a Degree

In order to become a construction manager, you’ll need to have a relevant qualification. Employers typically require a degree in construction management or engineering. If you don’t have a degree, you may be able to get started in the industry with an HNC/HND or foundation degree, but this will likely limit your career progression prospects.

Additionally, you can work your way up to take higher education. You have a couple of choices for this. First, you can study for a part-time degree while working in the industry. Second, you can apply for one of the Graduate Management Training Schemes offered by large construction companies like Balfour Beatty or Carillion. These schemes provide hands-on experience and training to fast-track your career as a construction manager.

Get Accreditation

While it’s not always essential, professional accreditation from bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) can be helpful when looking for work as a construction manager. It can also give you an extra edge when competing for promotion opportunities. However, some accreditation is required for you to work in the industry. One particular accreditation is the CITB exam.


Every construction manager in the UK must pass the CITB exam. This exam is a health, safety, and environment test demonstrating your understanding of construction industry legislation and guidelines. It’s best to complete this as early in your career as possible, as it’s a legal requirement for working on construction sites. After that, you’ll need to renew it every five years. After that, you can take the exam physically but book a CITB exam online. It’s the fastest way to get your accreditation and start working as a construction manager.

Person In A Construction site

Get Some Experience

Most employers will want to see that you have experience working in the construction industry before considering you for a management role. There are several ways you can gain relevant experience. Here are some of the ways you can do that:


One of the easiest ways to get experience is to apply for internships or work experience. Many construction firms offer these opportunities, and they’re a great way to learn about the industry and make contacts that may lead to future job opportunities.

Part-Time Work

Another option is to take on part-time or summer jobs in the construction industry while studying for your degree. This can give you practical experience and a chance to learn from professionals in the industry. It also demonstrates commitment and a willingness to work hard for potential employers.

Volunteer Work

You may also have the opportunity to volunteer with construction charities or local community projects, which can provide valuable experience while also allowing you to impact society positively.

Assistant Work

Lastly, you can also work as an assistant for a construction manager. This will give you hands-on experience and allow you to learn from a more experienced colleague.

Find a job!

Once you’ve your qualifications and relevant experience, it’s time to apply for jobs! You can search for vacancies online on job boards such as Reed or Indeed or company websites. Alternatively, if you know someone who works in the industry, they may be able to put you in touch with potential employers or help you find out about vacancies that haven’t been advertised publicly.

Once you’ve secured yourself a job, you must make the most of it and work hard to progress through the ranks. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day  it takes time and patience to build a successful career in construction management! Eventually, you can start your construction firm and become a successful owner.

Construction managers are an essential part of the construction industry, ensuring building projects’ successful and safe completion. With the right qualifications, experience, and drive, you, too, can have a successful career as a construction manager. Good luck!