Creating an Excellent Airport Experience

Creating an Excellent Airport Experience

Tourists from far-off places often travel to their destinations via airplanes. Most often, they do not get the chance to see their destination in its entirety. But, they can catch a first glimpse of it through one building –its airport. Travelers often judge a place based on what they experienced in its airport. What important features do tourists look out for?

Airport Transfer

People want the most convenient way to transfer from the airport to another place and vice versa. A good airport teams up with hotels and famous destinations for direct transfers. If, say, you are a tourist visiting St Andews from Edinburgh Airport, enlisting a shuttle service company  at the port of entry would be a seamless way to transfer to your destination.

People want a no-hassle transfer for many reasons. Tourists may have large and heavy baggage. Sometimes, they travel with kids. Some are not familiar with the place. These three scenarios would have travelers wishing for a convenient and comfortable trip. Airport management should be sensitive to these needs. An airport that steps up to provide an answer scores high with travelers.

Excellent Choices of Food

Long flights could take a toll on a traveler. Even seated in first-class, it is still not the most conducive of atmospheres for a proper meal. The menu selection onboard may not be as varied as you would like it to be and the space for a meal is rather restrictive. Plus, some travelers are unable to keep food down during a flight, no matter how seamless the journey. Travelers would love to replenish their energy by having a hearty meal at the airport, if possible, especially if they are in transit. An excellent airport would consider these predicaments. They would have a wide selection of restaurants where people can enjoy meals. These establishments must also have a good ambiance. It would help people to feel relaxed before or after their flights.

Airport Experience

Top-Class Cleanliness and Current Amenities

Needless to say, people value cleanliness and comfort any place they go. An airport is no exception. Waiting areas should be free from litter. The chairs should also be relaxing in case of delayed flights and long layovers. Travelers also appreciate a strong Wi-Fi connection. Conveniently located outlets for chargers would likewise be immensely helpful, especially for people catching up on work while waiting for their flights.

Bathrooms should be hygienic and clean. The stalls must be spacious enough in case the person has a carry-on bag. Another detail that seems small but is important is the presence of sturdy bathroom hooks. People who use bathroom stalls normally take their valuables in with them, such as carry-on luggage or a laptop bag. An unsteady hook might not be able to carry the weight of such items and may cause damage. This would be a very negative mark for the airport.

Quality Service and Smooth Processes

Most complaints heard from travelers are because of rude staff or lengthy processes. An excellent airport makes the traveler’s airport experience a breeze. Check-in, customs, immigration, among others, should be done as efficiently as possible. Staff should be friendly and willing to assist in case a problem arises.
An airport is not only a place to connect travelers from their points of origin to their destinations – it is also a portal into what the country is all about. A person’s travel experience to another place starts when they step into its airport. The management should always find ways to improve the quality of this place. In subtle ways, a good airport experience helps boost the tourism of the city.